Report to Police

To file a police report or contact UAPD directly, please call 479-575-2222. Sexual assault, sexual violence, domestic/dating violence and stalking are crimes. Victims are encouraged to report these crimes to UAPD or other local law enforcement. Please call 911 for emergencies.

The University of Arkansas is dedicated to providing a safe, secure and inclusive learning environment for our campus community. You can help by reporting student concerns, student conduct violations, sexual misconduct or other potential threats to campus safety.

Sexual Assault or Domestic/Dating Violence

If you have experienced sexual assault, rape or relationship violence (e.g., domestic, dating or intimate partner violence), resources are available to help you learn about your options for care, support and reporting regardless of when it happened.

Sexual Harassment, Gender Discrimination or Stalking

The university should be a place that is free of all forms of sexual intimidation, discrimination and harassment. If you have been the victim of any kind of gender-based discrimination or harassment, learn about your rights and reporting options.

Discrimination or Discriminatory Harassment

The University prohibits discrimination against and harassment of its students, faculty, and staff, or any applicant for employment. If you have experienced discrimination or discriminatory harassment, know your reporting options.

Non-Emergency Safety Concerns and Threatening Behavior

Are you worried about the behavior of a member of the campus community? Are you worried about the safety or well-being of others? For emergencies, please call (479) 575-2222 or 911.

Non-Emergency Student Concerns

Are you concerned about a friend, classmate or roommate? Have you or someone you know experienced a personal crisis or loss, and need help? The U of A Cares.

Code of Student Life Violations

Have you witnessed someone committing plagiarism, vandalizing property, hazing another student, or otherwise violating the university's code of student conduct?

Other Reporting Information

Reported information will be provided to the appropriate professional staff and each concern will be addressed in a comprehensive, efficient and effective manner. While confidentiality cannot be guaranteed, care will be taken to protect the identity of the reporting party, when requested. Reports can also be made anonymously, but this may limit the extent to which the concern/misconduct can be investigated.

For emergencies, please call 911. The university assumes no liability for emergency situations requiring immediate action reported through these forms.