Threatening Behavior and Other Campus Safety Concerns

As with any community, there may be times when faculty, staff or students become concerned with the behavior of another community member. If you have a concern about a person or situation, even if you think it may be nothing, we urge you to share your concerns. If you’re worried that someone might become a danger to themselves or others, please contact the Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment Team (BIT-TAT) or use the online Threat Reporting form.

The information you provide, no matter how trivial it may seem by itself, may be critical to understanding a broader picture of concerning behavior.
Examples of such concerning, or “red flag,” behaviors may include:

  • Notable change in behavior or appearance,
  • Aggressive behaviors or threats toward others,
  • Inappropriate or strange behavior,
  • Overreaction to circumstances,
  • Writings or comments endorsing violence or doing harm, or an unusual interest in violence,
  • Direct or indirect threats to another person, group of people or the community,
  • Lack of empathy and concern for others; inability to care,
  • Stated plans or intent to bring weapons to the classroom, gathering or living spaces in order to do harm to others,
  • Appearance of being overly nervous, tense or angry, or
  • Withdrawal and isolation.
For more examples, visit the Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment Team Frequently Asked Questions page.

Report Threatening Behavior

You have the option to fill in your contact information or submit the report anonymously. Note that reports submitted anonymously or with limited information may limit our ability to follow up.

This is NOT a system to be used for emergencies. If you are in an emergency situation that requires medical, psychological or police services, call 911 immediately.

If you believe the threat of danger is imminent, call UAPD immediately: 479-575-2222.

What happens after I file a report?

The information you provide will be used to respond to the situation respectfully, appropriately, in timely manner and with the dignity of all parties involved in mind. BIT-TAT members will gather information, assess the potential threat, consult with others as needed, and when appropriate, develop and implement a plan to help and support the individual and the safety of the U of A community. Visit the Assessment Process page to learn more about the process.