Responsible Employee Reporting

All U of A employees deemed “responsible employees” have mandatory reporting obligations and are therefore required to promptly notify the Title IX Coordinator of any allegations of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment and sexual assault. Responsible employees may include, but are not limited to:

  • faculty,
  • administrators,
  • academic advisors,
  • coaches and athletic trainers,
  • graduate teaching and research assistants,
  • resident assistants, and
  • all supervisory staff.

Title IX and University of Arkansas policies require that responsible employees report concerns of sexual misconduct and discrimination to appropriate university personnel.
If you have any questions as to whether you are a responsible employee, please contact the Title IX Coordinator.

When Should I Report a Violation?

As soon as you learn information that a student or employee was involved in any incident that may have included acts of sexual misconduct.


  • A student tells you in “confidence” that he believes he was sexually assaulted by a fellow student.
  • You ask about a staff member’s bruised eye and he informs you that his partner struck him.
  • A faculty member tells you a former student is stalking her and leaving her threatening voice messages.
  • A student complains that a classmate often makes “sexist” comments about women.
  • A student-employee tells you she is uncomfortable with an external contractor because he tells crude sexual jokes and offers to rub her shoulders.
  • An employee tells you she is missing work to avoid a co-worker who had sex with her after she blacked out at party.
  • A student is concerned because a faculty member will not allow her to make up an exam after she was on bed rest for a pregnancy-related condition.

If you are unsure if an incident falls into these categories, please contact the Title IX Coordinator immediately.

Do not delay – once an allegation of this nature comes to your attention, you must report what you know.
Note: as a Responsible Employee, you cannot guarantee confidentiality to the individual.

For example, you could tell them: “It sounds as if you are about to tell me something that may require a university investigation. As a responsible employee, I am required to notify appropriate university personnel, so that actions can be taken to protect you and the community.”

Contact the Title IX Coordinator to report:

Tyler R. Farrar, J.D.
Title IX Coordinator
427 Administration Building
Fayetteville, AR 72701
Office: (479) 575-7111
Cell: (479) 409-9972
email: OR

Report Sexual Misconduct

Resources you can offer the victim:

  • To report to UAPD: 479-575-2222
  • Victim Advocacy Services through STAR Central: 479-575-7252
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
    • 479-575-4451
    • 479-575-5276 (24-hour Emergency Line)

For more resources visit the Title IX Resources page.