Non-Emergency Student Concerns

Students may feel alone, isolated and even hopeless when faced with academic and life challenges, but might not be able, or willing, to reach out for help. If you’re concerned about someone’s mental or emotional well-being, contact U of A Cares. Informing us of your concern can be the critical factor in getting that student help.

The U of A Cares team can help in dealing with issues such as:
  • Injury
  • Illness
  • Death in the family or death of a friend
  • Money problems
  • Mental illness concerns
  • Scholarship issues
For more about U of A Cares and what we do, visit the Learn More page.

Report Non-Emergency Student Concerns

NOTE: Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed for reports submitted through this site. State law determines confidentiality.

Based on the information provided, the appropriate professional staff will be assembled to help in addressing the concern in a comprehensive, effective manner.