Code of Student Life Violations

The Office of Student Standards and Conduct is committed to promoting a safe, healthy and inclusive community where students can focus on their academic success. Some examples of violations include:

  • Hazing;
  • Harassment or threats;
  • Conduct that endangers the health or safety of others;
  • Discrimination against any member of the university community or visitor;
  • Plagiarism or academic dishonesty;
  • Damaging or vandalizing university property;
  • Attempted or actual theft;
  • Possession or use of explosives or dangerous chemicals;
  • Illegal possession, manufacture, use or distribution of alcohol or drugs; or
  • Forging or otherwise altering University documents (like IDs or transcripts).

For more info, read the Code of Student Life within the handbook.

If you believe the threat of danger is imminent, call UAPD immediately: 479-575-2222.

Report a Code of Student Life Violation

What happens after I file a report?

The Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs will investigate the charges, then determine whether to proceed. If the VCSA decides to go forward, the accused will be notified. They will attend a pre-hearing conference where they can choose to accept responsibility and either be sanctioned by the VCSA board, or by the All University Conduct Board. Conversely, if the accused denies responsibility, they can request a hearing by either the VCSA board or the AUCB. Accused students are considered innocent until proven guilty.

NOTE: Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed for reports submitted through this site. State law determines confidentiality.